Thrown from the Chelsea squad, Costa: I’m not a Criminal

Thrown from the Chelsea squad, Costa: I’m not a Criminal

Diego Costa increasingly not at home in Chelsea Agen Sbobet. The former Atletico Madrid player even feels later treated like a criminal by Blues coach Antonio Conte.

The future of Costa with Chelsea is increasingly unclear. Conte has previously been blatantly saying not to include Costa into his plans this season.

However, Costa also can not go anywhere. For Atletico Madrid who intend to repatriate it prohibited to bring in new players. While the intention to join AC Milan also ran aground in the middle of the road. Unfortunately, access to the core team is also closed. He was asked to practice separately and was barred from entering the dressing room of the Blues players.

This situation made Costa inflamed. He even showed a rebellious attitude by choosing to return to Brazil when Chelsea started melakoni match in the Premier League. As a result of this attitude, Costa is still under contract was threatened sanctions.

“I was not allowed into the main team dressing room and I could not get in touch with the players,” he said as quoted by Soccerway. “I’m not a criminal, I think it’s unfair to get this treatment after what I’ve done,” Costa said.

Last season Costa is actually very useful for Chelsea. He has contributed greatly to the success of Chelsea’s second English League title in three years. Throughout the season, Costa scored 20 goals and became the top scorer of the Blues.

However, this effort was not enough to make Conte melut. Through a short message, he explicitly stated when Costa is no longer included in his plan.

“They gave me a week-long rest period (after a pre-season game), but since then the fines have become more,” Costa said unceremoniously.

Costa Against

Costa’s annoyance had already peaked. He even started to fight management. Costa admitted not afraid if Chelsea impose a fine on him for not returning.

“They want me to train with the reserve team, I will not do it, I’m not a criminal and I’m not wrong here so if they want to impose a fine on me, then please,” said the player born October 7, 1988.

Currently Costa is still in Brazil in order to visit his relatives. However, he intends to stay longer and do not care about the threat from Chelsea.

“I have a chance to stay a year in Brazil without playing, even if Chelsea fined me for a year and did not pay me,” he said.

“I will come back stronger If I am wrong I will go back now and do what they say,” beber Costa is still ambitious back to Atletico.

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