Persija Vs Persib, Herrie Jose Biden Pamungkas Beware

Persija Vs Persib, Herrie Jose Biden Pamungkas Beware

Persib Bandung will meet his eternal rival Persija Jakarta, on the 33rd week of League 1 Indonesia, Friday (3/11/2017) . Assistant coach Persib began to feel the power map of the opposing team.

He said that senior striker Persija, Bambang Pamungkas (BP), will get special attention in the game later. The former Indonesian national team striker has just shown a promising performance.

“He deserves to be wary, he’s love one assist and one goal (last week) .That’s what to watch out for from the figure of BP,” said Jose, Tuesday (31/10/2017) afternoon.

Jose said, there is no special escort for BP. However, he requested that the back line did not give a slight gap to BP while in the penalty city because even though he was not young anymore, BP is often a differentiator when Persija to a dead end.

“He’s an icon, a senior player, full of experience, he’s a smart player, no special escort, except in the penalty box, I can not get BP off,” he said.

Jose rate, there is an increase in performance of the figure of BP. According to him, BP’s influence on the team is more prominent in this second round.

“BP has improved from the first round and hopefully our defender can anticipate it,” Jose said.

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