Luis Milla Focus Train Indonesian National Team Tactics

Luis Milla Focus Train Indonesian National Team Tactics

Indonesia national team held the inaugural drill for the trial of counter Cambodia at the Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Monday (2/10/2017) night.

In training that was held two days before the match, Luis Milla directly apply tactics session for Irfan Bachdim and his friends, namely possession, crossing, and finishing.

Luis Milla did not want to waste time to immediately introduce his soccer style.

“We did go straight to the tactical session, we want to introduce Luis Milla’s football, especially since there are new players joining, like Taufiq and Fadil Sausu,” said assistant coach Indonesia national team, Milky Way.

The players seemed to enjoy the direction of Luis Milla in a practice that lasted for about 90 minutes.

Although looks so focused listening to Luis Milla instruction assisted by Eduardo Perez and the Milky Way, not infrequently the players throwing jokes at each other to invite laughter.

The pleasure of being able to re-train with Indonesian national team is expressed Irfan Bachdim. The Balinese player is quite happy to be back playing with the best players in Indonesia. “It’s good to be able to train again with Indonesia,” said Irfan Bachdim.

In the monitoring to-20 players who were called by Luis Milla in top condition. Although the players have just arrived in Bekasi in the afternoon and afternoon before practice, all players practice maximally.

Indonesian national team trained at the Patriot Stadium to prepare for the Cambodian national team in an international test match. The plan, Team Garuda compete in the same stadium on Wednesday (04/10/2017) night.

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