Liverpool Consider Barcelona’s Offer for Coutinho Unreasonable

Liverpool Consider Barcelona’s Offer for Coutinho Unreasonable

Jurgen Klopp hopes Liverpool can keep Philippe Coutinho from the pursuit of Barcelona The Brazilian star became Barcelona’s main target in the winter transfer market later.

It’s no secret that the Blaugrana desperately wanted Coutinho. Barcelona have already offered three bids last summer, but all have been denied by Liverpool, club owner Coutinho.

Chief Executive of Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčOscar Grau confirmed it could have released a new offer on Liverpool. The offer will be filed in the winter transfer market.

Coutinho himself has just renewed his contract at Liverpool until 2022. But he wants to go to Barcelona because he sees the opportunity to win a bigger title.

“I do not understand.We will not talk about things like this.Can you imagine if I say: ‘Yes, we have a deal (with Barcelona)’,” Klopp said, quoted from Soccerway.

“Now there is no agreement.” This case (Coutinho’s transfer rumors to Barcelona) is unreasonable, very unimportant, “said the German manager.

Former Borussia Dortmund coach continued, he did not want to lose Coutinho. Moreover, 25-year-old player has become a mainstay of Liverpool since 2012.

“In general, as a club, Liverpool have to create a situation that makes players feel badly needed, so far we have that situation, no one is thinking about the transfer in January, especially in June or July,” Klopp concluded.

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