Klopp Confirm Not Depressed

Klopp Confirm Not Depressed

Coming to face Leicester City on Wednesday morning in the event EFL Cup Jurgen Klopp sure do not get any pressure at all.

The reason, after in the last three games of the Reds reap bad results both in the English League and also Champions of the coach began to doubt the title can be important for the club from Merseyside where last obtained in 2012 and although this summer managed to bring his team competing on the prestigious blue continental stage.

Nevertheless, but the man from Germany who had handled Borussia Dortmund was feeling at all not get the pressure is great. Instead the tactics team is eager to give the trophy to the fans and for him the EFL Cup is the perfect opportunity to make the fans smile and herself is also reluctantly focused on the sweet results earned by the Manchester duo.

“For me no, I’m not sure if there is pressure on us, I do not feel depressed,” Jurgen Klopp told the media.

“I feel that there is a chance, I feel to do something to do something really good. I see an opportunity to win a competition in this Cup which is very interesting.

“I may have the pressure, yes, but it’s not bigger than the pressure I’m doing there myself and I’m used to it. That’s what we’re trying to do.

“I watch United and City matches because it’s interesting to see but it’s not my job to count points and say ‘now they have this advantage’.

“They are of course in good shape and but this season can sometimes happen like this. As long as you are fully focused, as long as you are ready, as long as your attitude is 100 percent, you do not need to look at another team. ”

Meanwhile, after competing in the EFL Cup both teams will meet again in the sixth week of the Premier League which will take place at the King Power stadium.

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