Frank De Boer Threatened Dismissal

Frank De Boer Threatened Dismissal

Crystal Palace again must suffer a defeat in the Premier League when the team travel to Burnley headquarters on Sunday local time Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Where, in the fight, the Eagles must be beaten 0-1 thanks to goals scored by Chris Wood in the 3rd minute, and make the team fail to achieve one point in four Premier League premiere this season.

More sadly, Palace became the only team in the Premier League who have never scored a goal at all this season.

This makes the former coach of Inter Milan and Ajax Amsterdam is centered on the horn because of the negative results

If so fired, this is not the first time for De Boer only lasted briefly disebuah club that he train. Because De Boer had only survived 85 days when coaching Inter Milan in 2016 ago.

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