Every Sunday, Indra Sjafri Will Make Necklaces U-19 National Team Players

Every Sunday, Indra Sjafri Will Make Necklaces U-19 National Team Players

Indonesia U-19 national team coach Indra Sjafri said every week, he will do the shrinking until there will be 23 players to be brought to the AFF Cup U-18 in Myanmar in September Agen Casino.

However, Indra insists will still register 30 players.

Of the 30 players who currently inhabit the national team U-19 Indonesia, he added, all will be registered to the AFF.

Therefore, each team is allowed to register up to 50 players.

“All will be registered to the AFF because it can register up to 50 players,” said Indra Sjafri after leading the practice at the stadium UNY, Monday (31/7/2017).

“We already know exactly which players we will list,” he said.

Indra said, during the last training camp (TC) in Yogyakarta, there will be a shrinking of players. Depreciation of players will be done gradually on a weekly basis.

From the downsizing, will get 23 players who will be brought to the AFF Cup U-18 Myanmar in September 2017.

“Later slowly per week there is a shrinking players to 23 players we carry,” he said.

In addition to tactics, during the training camp in Yogyakarta, Indra Sjafri’s coach will continue to improve on all components, including four player criteria.

“We will evaluate the weekly, every Saturday evaluation.This is a young age team, we have to fix all things, of the four components of that criteria every day that is fixed,” he said.

U-19 Indonesia national team held training camp in Yogyakarta for four weeks. This is the final preparation before the team plunge in AFF Cup U-18 in Myanmar in September 2017.

U-19 national team has done the inaugural training at the Stadium of Yogyakarta State University on Monday (31/7/2017) afternoon yesterday.

During this final stage preparation, Egy Maulana Vikri et al planned to undergo several test matches against the team from League 2, namely PSS Sleman, PSIM, and Persebaya.

One test match will be held in Jakarta, a few days before the U-19 national team left for Myanmar.

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